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Since childhood, because it taught us that one must eat a little of everything. But according to the groups of the diet, this is not the correct way to eat. What is really important is to learn how to combine food groups.
Different foods require different gastric juices for digestion efficiency. By combining the wrong foods, gastric juices both Ultimate Flora neutralize each other, and the food is retained for a longer period in the stomach and intestines, and disrupt the process of digestion. Thus, the fermentation occurs, very damaging to cause food poisoning and allergies.
For example, foods that contain protein require acidic enzymes for proper digestion, while requiring starchy foods alkaline enzymes. So we know that the combination of foods and improve your digestion, and increase your energy and will also save you from a lot of harassment such as bloating and weight in the stomach, heartburn and even help you lose weight about 2 kg per week.
Avoid the combination of starch and protein, eat them separately.

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