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This technique is very convenient for the uninitiated who wish to develop their spirituality, and open themselves to others, freeing themselves from all kinds of ties. The Iyengar It was a swani (yoga teacher) who gave him this name. With it is intended to insist on the mastery of postures inspired by the plant and animal world, called Asanas, and at the same time on breathing (Pranayama). The ultimate goal is to reach the perfection of these positions by putting the whole body in action , and learn well to concentrate better. This technique is ideal for beginners. Actually it is a very effective method to overcome shyness and get out of the defensive confinement. Most people recognize that they have unhealthy habits that contribute to affecting the health of the heart. But more than knowing what we do wrong, It is necessary to be aware of the situation. For this, it is necessary to put into practice the measures warned, very often, by doctors, who are in charge of our welfare. The basic tips are: 1- Not having smoked or having stopped smoking more than a year ago. People who smoke are more likely to develop coronary heart disease, such as heart attacks or angina. It is estimated that smokers live ten years less than non-smokers. TestoBoost Pro
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