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Before I dropped him off at his hotel, I asked Lasorda about his speech the next day to the Notre Dame team. “They’ll win,” he said. “When I make a pregame speech, the team always wins.”

Is it going to work? There aren’t too many ways this could go wrong. If there is no DH, the Nationals fill an uncertain left field spot with a steady, if defensively weak, veteran for one year. Schwarber joins trade acquisition Josh Bell as new protection for Juan Soto in the lineup. If the DH does come to the National League permanently, then the Nationals and Schwarber have a one-year showcase and the possibility to add more offense.Los Angeles Angels Face Masks

The Nationals went 26-34 in 2020 and tied for last place in the NL East, a year after winning the franchise's first World Series title.Atlanta Braves Face Masks

"You try to address whatever weaknesses you have, and every year is different," Avila said. "We went into this year coming out of just playing 58 games with no fans, so that takes effect on your plans. What you want to do and what you can do are two different things. I think every organization has faced the same challenge."Colorado Rockies Face Masks

While the money aspect here could be tricky, new owner Steve Cohen has said he's open to crossing the luxury tax threshold, but perhaps not this year. The Mets wouldn't have to do it this year to afford LeMahieu, though, and raising their payroll above $210 million in 2022 could theoretically help them extend Conforto. They'll also get a bloated contract off their books when the Robinson Cano deal expires following the 2023 season.MLB Face Masks

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Japanese star Tomoyuki Sugano did not come to an agreement on a contract with a major league team before his posting window expired and will return to Nippon Professional Baseball for 2021, sources tell ESPN. He will be eligible to come to MLB as a free agent before 2022 season.

Lasorda was then mobbed by his players, celebrating the last Dodgers' World Series title until this past October, when Lasorda was in attendance to watch the Dodgers defeat the Tampa Bay Rays.

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